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ADVANCED HHO is a division of Reliant Fuel Systems, LLC

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Upgrade your vehicle with hydrogen assist, and you can be cooler
than this 1956 Buick Centurion concept car

Supplemental Hydrogen Systems Setting The Pace

This year we are further refining our product line to meet the needs of anyone's hydrogen assist application. The DC450 and DC900 are very popular units for us and are now even more efficient in producing HHO. Check our our selection under Complete Systems for the entire DC-Series line up.

Also, the latest large cell for trucks and heavy applications is the new ES-16 that works with 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles. See the complete ES-Series under Premier Systems.

All our systems have been refined over the years of customer feedback and today's systems are some of the highest quality available worldwide. Our systems ship complete with everything you need for a successful installation on your project vehicle. Our components are also available for purchase to keep your system running or to make upgrades as you desire.

With experience comes our line of electronic enhancers and PWM power controllers. The digital EFIEs are broadly accepted and compatible with many vehicles. For complete sensor control, we carry the Fuel Saver Flash Chip that 'patch' the vehicles' ECU and makes it more HHO friendly. Check out our Flash Chip listing for vehicle availability.

And as always we are continuously working behind the scenes to help others establish themselves in the water fuel industry. Broader use of this technology is our goal. And when we help others, they are happy to promote and market our quality line of HHO products. If you would enjoy selling or installing systems for other enthusiasts, please contact us so we can help you be successful.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: AdvancedHHO does not claim or imply that HHO kits are legal for use on public roads in every city, county, state or country. If any legal question, please contact your own county or state to clarify and find out if the use of an HHO kit in your vehicle on public roads is allowed in your area.

Enjoy your purchase and we encourage
your feedback and comments!

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Fuel Saver Flash Chip ES9000 Double Stack HHO System
Our Price: $149.00
Our Price: $872.00
Sale Price: $675.00
You save $197.00!
Modify Your ECU Profile for HHO Demands ES9000 Double-Stack Cell for Large Engines
DC450 HHO System w/ECU Solution Digital EFIE MAX Quad
Our Price: $508.00
Our Price: $109.00
DC450 Complete Small Car Kit with ECU Solution EFIE Technology Combines To Cover All Configurations

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The Basic Principles of HHO

Firethorn Project Running Hydrogen Hybrid Electric Vehicle

To make sure you have a good understanding of how and why these systems work, let's take a look at some basic chemistry. We just need to talk about molecules and atoms. Water is a molecule, and a molecule is made up of smaller parts known as atoms. That's the end of the first lesson!

The water molecule is named H2O because it contains two Hydrogen atoms (H2) and one Oxygen molecule. In a combined form they are the abundant resource known as water. Through the simple process of running electric current through the water, the atoms 'split' back into their original elemental forms.

This process is known as electrolysis. Electrical current runs through the water and all the Hydrogen atoms run toward the negatively charged electrode, and all the oxygen atoms move toward the positive electrode.

Water Molecule

Next lesson is to understand the chemical structure of gasoline. Gasoline is made up of 'hydrocarbon chains'. The chains are made up of hydrogen and carbon

'Heavier' chains like C14H30 are used when refining diesel fuel, and even heavier oil blends can really load up on the carbon atom with C20 ratings and higher! The problem with pollution is all the unburned carbon. There is a lot more exciting information beyond this, but for our current HHO application, we only need to clarify the basic principles.

Below is a diagram of a C7H16 chain typically used for automotive blends of gasoline.
Gasoline Hydro-Carbon Chain

Any HHO generator simply adds 'free' hydrogen and oxygen in a gaseous state to the combustion process. The mixture of this burns so hot, and so fast, it helps to COMPLETE the combustion process of the original gasoline.

It burns MORE of the carbon atoms to create lower emissions (fewer hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide particles). It reduces excess heat (a cooler running engine) and it offers more power to the driver (from a more complete combustion of the gasoline.)

From a good understanding of this, we work to develop fuel cells and safety products that push this technology forward. Now is a GREAT time for you to enter this emerging water fuel industry, especially with the current focus on developing alternative fuel sources.

Designed with the Big Picture in Mind

Every product we manufacture or choose to promote must prove itself as professional grade. We understand how much work can go into enlightening people about the Water Fuel industry.

And following that, how much care goes into each and every installation to make sure the enthusiast is happy and all is successful! Buying these units from us means you have people familiar with numerous installations. Our expertise ranges from the HHO units on the market, to the tuning of the cars' computer, to the many, many custom applications.

And you get the proven standards of Advanced HHO support and guarantees. Look to us to help with the TOTAL installation, not just how to bolt the unit under the hood.

This total service approach guarantees the water fuel movement will succeed, and projects will lead to 100% water powered vehicles in our lifetime!

Helping You Succeed

Advanced HHO helps by offering parts along with selling the entire systems. This allows you to buy replacement items, or only order the harder to find components you need to build your own. Please see all the items we list.

The primary purpose of these systems is to encourage the wide spread use of alternative fuels. Hydrogen plays an important role in abundant, safe energy for each of us, and the world at large.

For like-minded people, we partner and support you in becoming a distributor. We have many online stores that focus on different areas of the HHO Industry. Contact us for more information.

We always encourage your feedback and comments!

Today's Super Deal!

DC900 Double Stack

Our Price: $349.00
Sale Price: $198.00
You save $151.00!
Double Stack Design Handles Large V8 Engines

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